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Jenny’s Food and Ag Update

Jenny’s Food & Ag Update, July 14, 2015

  • 45 Cities Will Sign Urban Food Policy Pact on World Food Day in Milan (

US cities that has signed on: Chicago, New York,

  • 13 Brilliant Inventions That Changed the Way You Eat, All Created by Women (Spoon University)
  • How a Modern Root Cellar Could Help Small Farms Sell Food Year-Round (Civil Eats)
  • Primed for Battle: helping plants fight off pathogens by enhancing their immune systems (The Conversation)

Civilization as it is known today could not have evolved, nor can it survive, without an adequate food supply. Norman Borlaug

  • American adults still aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables (The Verge)
    • Adults Meeting Fruit and Vegetable Intake Recommendations – United States, 2013, CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
  • Avanti Food & Beverage food hall in LoHi on Leading edge of national trend (Denver Post)

… Avanti is more like a restaurant incubatore…

  • Baltimore Restaurant Shuts Down for 5 Days to Feed the Homeless Free Food (Nation of Change)



  • 23 Cents an Hour? The Perfectly Legal Slavery Happening in Modern-Day America (AlterNet)

The government (UNICOR aka Federal Prison Industries) and corporations have a pool of powerless, exploitable workers in skyrocketing prison populations.

  • 12 Mainstream Corps Benefiting From The Prison Industrial Complex (Popular Resistance)

McDonalds, Wendy’s, Walmart, Starbucks, stove assembly and a hot of other products… Pay is between $0.90 to $4.00 per day…

The products that prison labor is producing…

  • How Migrant Farmworkers Are Cross-Pollinating Strategies and Winning (Labor Notes)
  • Faced With I-9 Immigration Raid During Negotiations, Chicago Meatpacking Workers Walked Off the Job (In These Times)
  • The Anti-Union Bosses’ Group Fighting Fast Food Organizing Is Now Going After How Care Workers (In These Times)

Can workers centers and unions create a movement strong enough to fight back?

  • Al Jazeera Documentary Shows Mexican Farmworkers’ Struggles in Historic Strike (In These Times)

Business & Economy

  • Effects of the California drought on farming is regional and coastal farms are thriving (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Gleaning, Reuse, Recycling, Composting & Waste

Water & Our Oceans

  • Pennsylvania Residents Near Fracking Sites Report Health Problems (Center for Effective Government)
    • Document Released Show PA Fracking Health Complaints, Negligence of State Agencies’ Response (Food & Water Watch)

A coalition of farmers and vintners, doctors and lawyers, clean energy companies and reluctant do-it-yourself activists are fighting for the future of the Finger Lakes region.

State can’t ding some farmers who keep taking water, raising questions about wider implications.

  • Iceland Ratifies Treaty to Deny Port Access to Illegal Fishing Vessels (The Pew Trust)

Government/Regulation/Policy/Farm Bill

  • USDA Will Verify Non-GMO Labels Through Their Process Verified Program (Nation of Change)
  • Connecticut Just Passed a Law Requiring Bosses Who Steal Workers’ Wages to Pay Them Back Double (In These Times)

“I’d say wage theft is the biggest crime wave in the country”

GMOs/Cloning/Food Technology/Synthetic Biology/Nanotechnology

For small-scale farmers who scored a major victory against the biotech giant, it’s all about planting local, GMO-free seeds.

  • Meet the New GMO Mosquito: Millions Carrying the “Kill Switch Gene” Already Released (AlterNet)

If much of today’s news seems unreal to you, that’s because corporations are spoon-feeding it to the media. Big food companies are now sponsoring “boot camps” for reporters on the issues of “feed the world’s growing population.”


  • ‘Safe’ Subs(titutes) for Harmful Chemical in Plastics May Be Just as Risky to Healthy (Yahoo!)


General Mills announces their commitment to stop selling eggs from caged hens, joining Aramark, Compass Group, Dunkin Brands, Hilton, Kellogg, Nestle, Sodexo, Starbucks, and Walmart.

Healthy/Safe Food


  • Classes on Indigenous Farming, with Cuauhtemoc Villa, information and registration