Grow Calgary Relocation Press Release

Grow Calgary has been informed by Alberta Infrastructure that the organizations current site of operation must me vacated by December 31st, 2018 in order to make way for the Calgary West Ring Road (C-WRR) development beginning in Spring 2019, particularly the C-WRR / TransCanada Highway (TCH) interchange. Grow Calgary’s stance on the matter is not one of resistance. Grow Calgary does not object to Alberta Infrastructures request to relocate and acknowledges the request as fair and within the authority of Alberta Infrastructure. Grow Calgary is eager to collaborate with Alberta Infrastructure to find a new location to continue the operation of an urban community farm. However, before Grow Calgary puts effort and resources into relocating, the organization is requesting Alberta Infrastructure provide a more detailed explanation of how the parcel of land Grow Calgary occupies will be utilized in the development process of the C-WRR. Current drawings of the C-WRR / TCH interchange do not appear to show the Grow Calgary site directly impacted by the proposed development. Grow Calgary’s request is to receive more information as to why they have been ordered to relocate as their current site does not appear to be in the way of the proposed development. Grow Calgary is motivated by a desire to achieve a deeper understanding of the necessity of their relocation. To participate in the dialogue or to learn more about Grow Calgary’s stance on the relocation send an email to