Volunteer Orientation Summary

The August 3rd Event is this Friday and we will be hosting 900 Youth on our Farm. 

The location of this event is at the Grow Calgary Farm: 10319 West valley Road SW.

Please ensure that you can get to this location at 11 am and be prepared to stay there until 4pm. Bring your own snack, drinking water and hat to cover from the sun for the day! Also make sure to not wear T-shirts with any offensive language or logos. 

Volunteers will assist during rotation times (every 45min-1 hour) so groups can transition easily. 

August 3rd Itinerary

-Arrive at 11am 

-In the 1-hour frame we will designate station rotation points to volunteers. A physical print out of the map will be provided to you. The different stations are marked by number signs for you to orient the youth to the correct spot. 

-Students will arrive at 12pm. Each bus contains appx 10 youth with 4 church leaders

-Some Volunteers will assist near the parking lot with sign-in once the groups arrive. The sheet with each group and their group leaders should be provided to you (volunteers) by our Farm Operations Manager the day of. 

-Volunteers will go to their designated spots after sign in to guide groups with station rotation. Each station will have a farm manager to guide students with tasks for the stations. Volunteers can assist with that in between rotation if they desire. 

-Rotate groups until 1.30pm. Head to the area between 9 and 10 labelled on the map at 1.30pm for a big group picture with the 900 youth, staff, and other volunteers during the event. After the picture and video we will head back to the designated spots.

-Around 3 to 3.30pm, volunteers and farm managers will escort the youth to the buses at our parking lot for departure. We will do this 6 groups at a time, as there are 17 groups of roughly 40 youth during the event.

-By 4pm we wrap up everything and you are ready to leave.  

***Lunch/Break time TBA: During the break time you are allowed to snack and take a washroom break, as we have portable washrooms on the farm. The Youth will head out the farm property for a pizza break. IMG_0828.PNG