Jenny’s Food & Ag Update August 9, 2016


  • Want to double world food production? Return the land to small farmers! (The Ecologist)
  • The Cucamelon Is The Cutest Summer Food You Should Be Eating (Huffington Post) have always loved these, since I first found them about 7 years ago…


  • Hipsters Are Treating Farmers Markets Like a Dating Scene – And It May Be Bad for Business (AlterNet)    Some customers care more about the scene than the cilantro.
  • Why Has a Clothing Made a Film About Food and Agriculture? (Civil Eats)                                                                          In ‘Unbroken Ground,’ Patagonia features the sustainable operations that supply its line of food items – and lays out a new vision for the food system overall.
  • The Most Meat-Like Veggie Burger Ever Has Been Unveiled – and It’s Dripping With Plant Based Blood (AlterNet)
    • Impossible Foods’ Vegan ‘Bloody Burger’ Hits NYC Food Scene (Triple Pundit)
  • Great Wine in Great Britain? The Unlikely Vino Culture Emerging in England (Smithsonian)                                           In the south of England, a new class of vintners is giving French bubbly a run for its money
  • Edible Weeds Are the New Edible Flowers: How One Austin Farm Is Growing Trash as Treasure (Munchies)
  • The Curious Appeal of ‘Bad’ Food (The Atlantic)                                                                                    In the age of Instagram-perfect dishes, why are there so many sites and blogs dedicated to culinary disasters?
  • 21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes (BuzzFeed)                                                                                      This is what US mainstream food culture was like in the 1970’s, the mid 1970’s is when our taste in food began to change…
  • The fantastic culinary horrors of the 1970 book ‘Happy Living” A Guide for Brides.’ (some cards)                More horrifying recipes from the 1970’s…
  • The Bizarre Reason Why Amish Children Are Less At Risk For Asthma (modern farmer)
    • Study: Innate Immunity and Asthma Risk in Amish and Hutterite Farm Children (New England Journal of Medicine)
  • Rootworm Alert: Rotation-Resistant Northern Corn Rootworm Suspected in Missouri (The Progressive Farmer)
  • There’s Quite Likely Something Fish in Your Wine – Maybe Try a Vegan Vintage? (AlterNet)
  • Undisturbed Ecosystems Benefit Everyone (The Cornucopia Institute)                                                                        Why Not to Convert Native Land to Organic Management
  • 9 Ways Vermont’s Food Scene Is Impossible To Beat (Huffington Post)                                                                          From maple to cheddar, this tiny state has a lot to offer.


Hunger, Food Access & Insecurity, Obesity & Malnutrition

  • In Alaska’s Remote Towns, Climate Change Is Already Leaving Many Hungry (NPR)


Gleaning, Reuse, Recycling, Composting & Waste

  • Salvage Supperclub: A High End Dinner In A Dumpster To Fight Food Waste (NPR)



Healthy/Safe Food

  • 75 Percent of Americans Say They Eat Healthy – Despite Evidence To The Contrary (NPR)                  We’re living at a time when more than 80 percent of Americans fail to eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, many Americans overeat refined grains and sugar…
  • CDC Weekly Report July 10, 2015: Adults Meeting Fruit and Vegetable Intake Recommendations – United States, 2013 (CDC)
  • I’m Sick Of Junk Food At the Register, and I’m Not Talking About Grocery Stores (Parents)                                      Why are candy, chips, and cookies in the checkout aisle of just about every store – even ones that don’t typically sell food?
  • Cockroach Milk: Yes. Your Read That Right (NPR)                                                                                                Turns out, cockroach milk is among the most nutritious substance on Earth. But it may still be a while before you can scurry to health stores for roach-milk shakes.
  • When Food Firms Cut The Salt, What Do They Put In Instead? (NPR)                                                                              Food companies looking to cut the sodium while keeping the flavor have a promising candidate: potassium chloride. But it’s far from perfect.


Children & School Food

  • Across America, Children Getting Diabetes Treatment Can Also Order McDonald’s Junk Food – in the Same Hospital (AlterNet)                                                                                              Aren’t hospitals where we go to get health?



  • Chicken Factory Owners Are Some of the cruelest Employers in America: Workers Share Horror Stories as Campaign Builds to Fight Exploitation (AlterNet)
  • Massachusetts Just Banned Companies From Asking Job Applicants How Much They Make (Slate)
  • CEOs Make 276 Times More Than Typical Workers (AlterNet)                                                                                          1978 to 2015 CEO compensation grew 941 percent.
  • Latest Senate Food Workers Victory Highlights Perils of Privatization (Campaign For America’s Future)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Settles Lawsuit: A Store Manager Had Sexually Harassed Female Employees for Years (AlterNet)
  • Surprise! It’s a Co-op. Any business can be a worker-owned business (Valley Advocate)


Business, Social Enterprise & Our Economy

  • Sandwich Company Jimmy Johns Gets Its Comeuppance for Outrageous Selfishness Toward Workers (AlterNet)                                                                                        Jimmy John’s had a ridiculous restriction for former employees.
  • A Nonprofit Grocer Tries To Sell More Healthful Food Without Going Under (NPR)
  • Budweiser is facing a new threat from an unexpected company (Business Insider)                                        Walmart is quietly rolling out its own craft-beer labels.
  • Nestlé Will Build Phoenix Bottling Plant to Resell City Water to drought-Stricken Area (truthout)
  • How Are You Supposed to Win a Gold Medal If You Can’t Get A Cup of Coffee? (Mother Jones)                      Coca-Cola is the “exclusive” provider of non-alcoholic beverages for the 2016 Olympics, hence no coffee?
  • Microbe-Coated Seed Startup Could Help Us Thrive In a Dark, Fry Future (modern farmer)
  • Why Do Milk Prices Spike And Crash? Because It’s Like Oil (NPR)                                                                                            Milk prices are in the tank. You may not have notices this, since prices in the supermarket have fallen only slightly. But on the farm, it’s dramatic. Diary farmers are getting about 20 percent less for their milk than they did last year…
  • Rural America confronts a new class divide (The Christian Science Monitor)                                                      Farms that once generated wealth for entire communities are now creating a new class of superfarms, which are concentrating wealth and income at the top.
  • As farms keep getting bigger and more mechanized, rural income inequality grows (The Rural Blog)



  • Two Towns Battle Colorado for Freedom to Ban Fracking (Yes!)                                                                                                  In a growing number of states, communities are demanding more self-governance over everything from environmental sustainability to gun control.


Food Fraud/Scandals


Water & Our Oceans

  • High Levels of Toxins Found in Bodies of People Living Near Fracking Sites (AlterNet)                          Harmful chemicals from natural gas operations are contaminating the bodies of residents of Pavillion, Wyoming.
  • Echoes of Flint, as North Carolina Water Pollution Is Swept Under the Rug (Huffington Post)
  • Toxic algae alert issued for Russian River, Sonoma County California (The Press Democrat)
  • The Oyster’s Mighty Comeback Is Creating Cleaner US Waterways (NPR)
    • Oyster Archaeology: Ancient Trash Holds Clues To Sustainable (Oyster) Harvesting (NPR)


Government/Regulation/Policy/Farm Bill

  • Israel’s war on water (Socialist Worker)
  • Corporate Money Wins: GMO Labeling Bill Betrays Consumers (EcoWatch)
    • Why the GMO Labeling Bill Obama Just Signed Into Law Is a Sham – and a National Embarrassment (AlterNet)
  • For Decades, the USDA Was Black Farmers’ Worst Enemy – Here’s How It Became an Ally (truthout)
  • 6 Chemical Food Additives That Are Legal in America and Banned Abroad (AlterNet)                                            Thanks to inaction at the FDA, Americans get, among other potential ailments, anal leakage.
  • Tired of Waiting for Corporate High Speed Internet, Minnesota Farm Towns Build Their Own (modern farmer)                                                                                                  A unique community – owned broadband cooperative will free dozens of tiny towns and farms from reliance on slower corporate providers.
  • Pennsylvania Abandons Oil and Gas Regulations, Fails to Protect Public Health (AlterNet)                                        The Keystone State has the dubious distinction of being the only state to abandon oil and gas regulations after they’ve been fully developed and publicly reviewed.
  • Under Proposed New Jersey Law, Drinking Coffee and Driving Could Be a Crime (AlterNet)                        Proposed ‘distracted driving’ law poised to be harshest in the nation.


GMOs/Cloning/Food Technology/Synthetic Biology/Nanotechnology

  • Organic Food Fights Back Against ‘Non-GMO’ Rival (NPR)                                                                                                    … “Non-GMO is agriculture before GMOs were introduced, which is still chemical agriculture.” – Organic Trade Association
  • ‘Non-GMO’ Does Not Mean Organic, Folks (Huffington Post)                                                                                                It’s time to clear up some confusion on this matter.
  • Local Residents Force Monsanto to Tear Down GMO Seed Plant in Argentina (Sustainable Pulse)
  • Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Approved By FDA To Figh Zika In Florida (Huffington Post)



  • Marion (IA) residents hit by crop duster spray told not to eat garden vegetables (kcrg)
    • Agricultural inspectors searching for clues to Marion (IA) spray accident (kcrg)
    • Disturbing New Evidence About What Common Pesticides Can Do to Brains (Mother Jones)
  • Study Adds to Findings that Link Prenatal Pesticide Exposure to Lower IQs (Beyond Pesticides)
    • Study: Prenatal Residential Proximity to Agricultural Pesticide Use and I in 7-Year-Old Children (Environmental Health Perspectives)



  • This Spanish Farm Makes Foie Gras Without Force-Feeding (NPR)                                                                      Traditional, sustainable, Foie Gras production…