Jenny’s Food & Ag Update November 10, 2015

  • 6 Food and Farming Success Stories From Native Communities (Civil Eats)                                                            Native American communities are connecting to their roots through food, farming and education.
  • These ‘Food Scans’ Will Make You See Vegetables In A Whole New Way (Huffington Post)
  • Death Happens (And Other Facts About Being a Farmer) – Bootstrap At Emadi Acres (National Young Farmers Coalition)
  • We Are The Solution: African Women Organize for Lan and Seed Sovereignty (Other Words)
  • A Weekend in Montreal (Yahoo! Food)      And my favorite place on Rue Saint-Denis, Restaurant L’Express is on the list…
  • Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’ (grist)
  • A New Kind of Stove Could Save Lives and Trees in Ethiopia (takepart)                                                            Cheaper, more efficient cookstoves rely on less fuel, which helps with a host of social and environmental problems.
  • Forget Saving the Planet: Being a Vegetarian Is Cheaper Than Eating Meat (takepart)                                           A new study shows that cooking plant-based meals costs less than cooking with the lean meats recommended by the MyPlate diet plan.
  • Study: Economical Healthy Diets (2012): Including Lean Animal Protein Costs More than Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition)
    • Feds Decide That Sustainability and Nutrition Don’t Mix (takepart)                                                             The heads of the USDA and HHS say Dietary Guid3lines shouldn’t include environmental concerns.
  • Feds: if You Care About Health and the Environment, Change the Way You Eat (takepart)
  • Restoring Global Soil Quality Is One Of The Best Things We Can Do For Climate Change (Fast Company)      Little known climate change fact: Just the first meter of soil contains as much carbon as the entire atmosphere. And there’s potential to soak up much more.
  • Brewery Follows Ad Called Homophobic with ‘World’s First Transgender Beer’ (takepart)
  • Your grain-free diet isn’t natural good for you or good for the planet (Washington Post)


Food Insecurity, Hunger, & Obesity

  • Soylent Isn’t About to ‘Disrupt’ World Hunger (takepart)                                                                                  Creators of meal-replacement products have suggested they could help with nutrition aid.
  • Menu Calorie Labels Aren’t Perfect, But Can Still Help Fight Obesity (Huffington Post)                      Turns out information isn’t always power.


School Food

  • Give Schools the Tools to Prepare Healthy, Delicious Meals (The PEW Chartable Trusts)



  • The benefits of paid leave for children are real, majority or research says (CNN)
    • Report: Paid Parental Leave in the United States: What the Data Tell Us about Access, Usage, and Economic and Health Benefits (Institute For Women’s Policy Research)
  • Restaurant Sales Now Surpass Grocery Sales – but Restaurant Workers Are Paid Peanuts (truthout)
    • Americans’ Spending on Dining Out Just Overtook Grocery Sales for the First Time Ever (Bloomberg)
  • US women paid less in all industries, every level: report (Reuters)                                                                                       The gender pay gap widened further as the job level increased with male executives earning many times more than their female counterparts…
  • 3 Depressing Findings From A Huge New Study Of The Gender Pay Gap (ThinkProgress)
  • There Are Jobs In Ag, There’s Just Not Enough New Grads To Fill ‘Em (KUNC)
    • Report: Employment Opportunities for College Graduates: in Food, Agriculture, Renewable Natural Resources, and the Environment, US 2015-2020 (Perdue University)
  • Workers (Taylor Farms) Speak Up After Being Told To Go Back To Work After Chemical Spill (ThinkProgress)
  • Chipotle Ordered To Rehire Fired Worker Who Joined Fight For $15 (Huffington Post)                                      The worker was also reprimanded from discussing wages with his colleagues, which is a federal right.


Business & Economy

  • The Hard Power of Soft Drinks (New Republic)                                                                                         How Coca-Cola’s feel-good message silences its critics
  • Mark Bittman Jumps From the Opinion Page to Vegan Meal-Delivery Start-Up (takepart)                              The Purple Carrot will feature recipes developed by the author’s team, and the business is expanding beyond feeding people healthy food.
  • Big Time Food Writer Mark Bittman Left the New York Times to… Sell Vegan Food Kits?! (Mother Jones)
  • Target Teams Up with MIT Geniuses to Figure out ‘Future of Food’ (Modern Farmer)
  • Would You Pay $1900 for Dinner? (Yahoo!)                                                                              World’s Most Expensive Restaurants
  • The Rigging of the American Market (Nation of Change)                                                                                               … Why have food prices been rising faster than inflation, while corn prices are now at a six-year low?
  • Why Falling Food Prices Around the World Aren’t Helping US Consumers (Bloomberg)               Americans love their processed foods, and that’s part of the problem



  • Monday Night Football Crashed by Fracktivists Performing Sky-High Rappel in Bank of America Stadium (AlterNet)


Gleaning, Reuse, Recycling, Composting & Waste

  • 7 Tips to Improve Food Recovery: A Case Study from Santa Clara County (Food Shift)
  • Americans Waste Way Too Much Food At Home. Here’s What Can Be Done. (Huffington Post)               “No matter how organically or sustainably we grow our food, if we don’t eat it, it’s a waste of resources.”
  • British Supermarket Chain to Donate Nearly Expired Food, Follow France’s Lead (Nation of Change)


Food Fraud/Scandals


Water & Our Oceans

  • The journey from grey to green (agri cultures)                                                                          Development of watershed is an approach to make best use of rainwater for agricultural production while improving soil conservation and bio-diversity…
  • The Solution to the Global Overfishing Crisis Is Around the Corner (takepart)                                                  With a new report showing that most of the world’s fisheries are at risk, the United States is moving to ensure imported seafood has been legally caught.
  • Report: Illegal Fishing: Which fish species are at the highest risk from illegal and unreported fishing (World Wildlife Fund)
  • The Pacific Ocean Becomes a Caldron (NYT)
    • Woes Continue for West Coasting Fishing Industry as California Suspends Crab Catch (takepart)                                                                                   Toxic algae that thrive in warming seas have already shut down trade in other shellfish and some small fish.
  • Global Opposition Is Mounting Against the Latest Environmental Abuse – Deep Sea Mining (Nation of Change)


Government/Regulation/Policy/Farm Bill

  • FAO and WTO aim to improve small scale producer access to international markets (Food Navigator)
  • TPP Text Reveals Broad New Powers for Corporations to Attack Food Labeling Laws (EcoWatch)
  • Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden Announces New USDA Commitments to Help Build up Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers (Seedstock)
  • EPA Slow to Halt Use of Deadly Pesticide (New America Media)                                                                                                 A pesticide know as “DDT’s cousin” is still being used in the United States, despite evidence of its toxic effects…
  • CDC Investigating As E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Chipotle Sickened 39 (NPR)


GMOs/Cloning/Food Technology/Synthetic Biology/Nanotechnology

  • Monsanto Handed ‘Double Whammy’ by Mexican Courts Over Planting GMOs (EcoWatch)
  • Monsanto loses twice in Mexico. In one ruling, federal court of appeals upholds ban on the planting of GMO corn in Mexico. In a separate case, Mexico’s Supreme Court blocked the planting of GMO soy in the states of Campeche and Yucatan…
    • Mexican Federal Judge Upholds GM Maize Ban During Appeals Process (Sustainable Pulse)
  • Monsanto Research Site In France Goes Up In Flames (Info Wars)
    • Arson Suspected in Massive Fire at Monsanto Research Facility (Nation of Change)
    • Monsanto posts larger than expected 4Q loss (Associated Press)
    • Monsanto to shutter three R&D center in 2016, cut 90 jobs (Reuters)
    • Monsanto to Cut 12% (2,600 jobs) of Workforce as It Forecasts Profit Drop (Bloomberg)
    • Monsanto Stunned – California Confirms ‘Roundup’ Will Be Labeled “Cancer Causing” (MintPress News)                                                                            Monsanto was seemingly baffled by the decision to place cancer-causing glyphosate on the state’s list of nearly 800 toxic chemicals.
  • Most Americans Believe GMO Foods Are Unsafe; They Need Labels to Avoid Them (Organic Consumers Association)



  • Righting Civil Wrongs (Earth Justice)    From California to Michigan, low-income communities of color have been waiting years for the EPA to take a stand against environmental racism.
  • Analysis: California’s Poorest Counties Hit Hardest by Spraying of Glyphosate (Center For Food Safety)      Lost In The Mist: How Glyphosate Use Disproportionately Threatens California’s Most Impoverished Counties
  • Feds Used Monsanto-Funded Studies to Decide Monsanto’s Weed Killer Is Safe (takepart)                        Of course they did, that is how we regulate…



  • Monarch butterflies fluttering back to Orange County (California), but populations struggle (The Orange County Register)
  • These Are The Foods We’d Lose If Honeybees Die Off (Huffington Post)                                  Honeybees are responsible for about a third of all the food we eat.
  • Why Andrew Cuomo’s Pollinator Task Force Won’t Save New York’s Bees (Independent Science News)
  • Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch into a Bee Sanctuary to Help Save the Bees (Nation of Change)



  • Pork Farmers Want Subway to Slow Its Roll on Nixing Antibiotics (takepart)                                                                  The chains’ ambitious plan to stop using meat raised with drugs by 2025 hans’t been well received by livestock groups.


Healthy/Safe Food

  • Food companies should stop fighting the Obvious: Sugar is running our health (The Washington Post)                                                                               Robert Lustig: My study shows that cutting sugar an improve children’s health in just 10 days.