The Mighty Zucchini

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The gourd family is a huge, diverse world in the veggie universe. Ranging from melons to squashes and, even, the cucumber. The most popular squash is probably the pumpkin.  Celebrated in the fall with lattes and jack o’lanterns, but little is known about its cousin– the zucchini.

Zucchinis from Grow Calgary!

The zucchini is a summer squash. And technically, is a fruit! It is actually a part of the zucchini flower. However, it is prepared and eaten like a vegetable– which is probably why we think it is a vegetable.

Hold up, I think they think I’m a vegetable.

Zucchinis will grow in our temperate climate, and is found throughout the world. It can grow to be about 3 feet! Generally, the smaller it is, the sweet it will taste. You can harvest it about 45 – 60 days after planting or about a week after flowering. It is recommended to cut off the zucchini with a sharp knife or scissors rather than breaking them off the vine.

The zucchini and other summer squashes have thin edible skin and soft seeds, and the flesh of summer squash is tender and very perishable. Summer squashes are generally harvested and eaten as immature fruit and should be used within a few days of harvesting.

Zucchinis can be stored in the refrigerator for up to ten days. If you have more than you can possibly eat in ten days, cut off the ends, slice, cube or shred and freeze in food-grade freezer bags.

So why should you eat it? Because there are so many benefits such as:

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Source: Canadian Gardener