The Seeds Have Been Planted.

The grass can be greener, beans stalkier, and bellies fuller.

I originally heard about Grow Calgary at the Social Media Breakfast last month. Grow Calgary is a 100% volunteer-run organization whose mission is to make donations to the Calgary Food Bank by living up to the motto that “all Calgarians should have access to fresh, local food.”

I was hooked on the concept. As I learned more about the stunning statistics I couldn’t sleep at night.

Source: Calgary Food Bank

There is not a single profile of who uses the food banks– from single parents to families with unexpected emergencies. Many factors come into play, but one fact does stand out. Every single person deserves the right to food dignity. That is, the right to the access to food, fresh produce and healthy food sources.

I wanted to do something to help. I thought to myself what can I do? I’m not a farmer. The closest thing I have to a ‘green thumb’ is wearing green polish. So, I decided to visit the Grow Calgary Farm with my sister, Jane. Together, we are going to blog, post, tweet, IG, Pin and do everything we can to raise awareness of the extraordinary organization that is Grow Calgary.

To learn more and to volunteer visit today!

Grow Calgary