Grow Calgary’s Organics/Compost Collection Program


Since composting is so easy and rich in nutrients, Grow Calgary has developed an accelerated composting program!

As you can recall from our previous blog post, compost is rich in nutrients and is beneficial to the soil. It acts as a fertilizer, soil conditioner, and can aid in the reduction of erosion. This addition of nutrients at Grow Calgary contributes to the overall health and fertility of the soils. This leads to an increase in yields, which directly benefits the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank Fresh and Local hamper program. 

To acquire the materials needed for a large scale composting program, Grow Calgary works with many local restaurants and food producers to access their commercially produced compostable materials. Some of the participating businesses are Cru Juice, Wild and Raw, and Red’s Diner.

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We receive sod, leaves, grass, and chips from local landscapers and arborists around Calgary. In addition, we assist 20+ Calgary companies with the diversion of organic resources from the landfill for use in our accelerated composting program! This program is part of Grow Calgary’s commitment to sustainable agriculture.

We are looking to expand our collection program and have room for 6 businesses. If you interested in contributing to our accelerated composting program, or have any ideas for additional collections sites, give us a shout at or come by our website